1 on 1 Revit Mentoring

Hello all,
i would like a 1 on 1 private paid mentoring to create the 3 tasks listed below,
i dont know if this is the right place for this post. but anyway if anybody is interested contact me please.


1.Placeholder workflow in dynamo for repetitive units .for example in a hospital project , there are units which repeat through the whole project , i want the dynamo script to model a placeholder element , this placeholder represents a unit and is modelled in a separate file , whenever the placeholder moves ,the model follows it .
2. A script to map the joints connecting the cores of the main structures of a tower and , after defining the distance between them , automatically calculating the optimal resistance section value RS , then placing automatically the reinforced concrete beams.

3.A script in grasshopper and dynamo which read the rhino model and automatically populate the Revit one with curtain walls and mullions in native Revit format

note : i am a beginner in dynamo and python , and further details will be provided upon every task

Thank you

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i can help you with this

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Great sabeel , i will message you