Zero Touch Nodes - Cannot load type System.Math


I am not sure why I see this error:

It’s about this line here:

Hi @danail.momchilov with this issue, we have so many reason to explain why, can I know more detail about version of dynamo also what platform software you are working on ?

I see, in this particular case it’s Revit 2021 with Dynamo 2.6

I am creating some nodes as Visual Studio Project as Zero Touch nodes. For some reason. System.Math fails to load in Dynamo

You can try to create a project extension and use resolve assembly to try load again :
This is example you can reference.

thx I will give it a try. I also had another idea, could it be due to the project and Dynamo using a different .net version? I have set the one in the project to .net 6?

Yes. That would be problematic.

You want to utilize .NET 4 for everything except a Dynamo 3.0 tool, and since Revit utilizes 2.6 to 2.18, you’re in .NET 4 land. :slight_smile:

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.NET 6 won’t work with Revit 2021 anymore, you net set with .net framework 4.8


yeah that fixed it, thank you all! downgrading the .net version caused a chain reaction of other issues but I made it through :smiley: will be a good lesson for next time