Can't start Dynamo after loading Zero Touch Node (.dll)

I hope somebody here helps me.
When I try to open Dynamo from Revit 2020.2, I always get this error message.

Clean uninstall did not help me at all.
This version of Dynamo worked perfectly before loading and manually moving the location of Zero Touch Node (.dll). Below is how my Dynamo has got broken.

  1. Open Dynamo

  2. Load Zero Touch Node

  3. Manually move or delete the .dll file using Windows Explorer

  4. Close Dynamo, Revit and Reopen Revit

  5. When clicking “Dynamo” button, the error message comes up

I really appreciate your help.

remove the path to that dll from your %appData%/Dynamo/DynamoRevit DynamoSettings.xml file - it will be under customNodePaths

Oh it worked! Marvelous. Thank you for your advice.