Problem loading zero touch library

I was going to have a play around with zero-touch, but I am having a problem when importing a library (dll)

I am following the steps in the Dynamo primer (pg 438) using the Aforge library but it produces the following error.

I have Aforge 2.2.5 from

I have tried this successfully before, although most probably with an older version of Dynamo & different PC.

I have checked- the dll is not blocked

thank you


just bumping this to the top of the list

Incidentally- I found an old computer with Revit 2017/Dynamo and it works ok




I am having a similar problem with a library I develop. Dynamo shows a problem with dependency compatibility (protogeometry.dll i think).
So first thing - maybe you can check messages in the Dynamo console - maybe it is also a dependency issue.

Second thing maybe somebody could explain how to solve the dependency problem :slight_smile: In my case I am using Dynamo 2.0.3 (on rvt 2019 still), but I am getting my references in Visual Studio through NuGet. Does this mean it is downloading for Dynamo 2.1 or smth? Should I add a local reference from my Dynamo install?

Sorry to slightly hijack the thread, but I think it might be a similar issue.

thanks @maciek.glowka

The console isn’t any help- just says the same thing:
Failed to load library: C:\Program Files (x86)\AForge.NET\Framework\Release\AForge.Imaging.dll

What version of .NET Framework are you building against and /or is the Forge DLL using?

Hi Sean,

thanks for your reply

the primer describes using the AForge DLL available from
i.e I did not need to build it

I can’t see anything in either the release notes, or in the properties of the DLL which indicate the .NET Framework version. But the release notes show the last version is quite old (from 2013) so guessing this is the problem & that the Dynamo primer needs to be updated with a different example



for my part, I am building against 4.7 - so it would be compatible with 2019 and 2020 if I am not mistaken?

to answer my own question:

I built AForge from source code on the same PC that I am using for Revit/Dynamo, rather than using the published dll- and it fixes the problem