Zero Touch Customization.xml Nesting

I am probably just missing a simple step here, but can I get these nodes to move up to the main category node and not be nested the extra “IA” level in the image? I essentially just want them to be Top Level and not an extra level.


I’ve been looking at a similar problem. I’m guessing that IA is a class?

  • Namespace: RDG.Internal
  • Class: IA
  • Method: test

The namespace customization just works on namespaces as far as I know, so I don’t think you can promote test a level unless you rename the class (if convenient to do so), to say:

  • Namespace: RDG
  • Class: Internal
  • Method: test

This guide on the wiki suggests that you can also remap class names, but I haven’t been able to get that to work and I’m not quite sure of the context as the examples given are for the Mesh toolkit which I don’t think is open source so I can’t look at the structure of the code.

you can move namespaces but not classes and methods… try to see my “??Customization.xml” files… (?? is just wildcards for the different xml files i have)


<namespace name="Orchid.Generic">

What is written in the guide gives you much more freedom, so yes by doing it this way you can move beyond “class” and “method” name… However, it comes with other issues as well :slight_smile:

example… from a given class file

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Thanks @Thomas_Corrie, your comment about renaming the class got me thinking.

You just beat me too it @erfajo, after I went back I discovered the same.


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@SeanP, As you mentioned yourselves in another post… take a look at my DynamoSample project at github… there you could find all what you are asking for :wink:


You would think I should listen to my own advice once in a while. I have been there in the past snooping around for stuff and must have missed this while section somehow. Thanks for the help, even though I did technically get there without it, your post is in fact the solution and I indicated it as such.

what you do by experience and trial/errors will learn you much more than someone is telling you how to do it… however, it takes an awful amount of time to learn everything this way :smiley:

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