Set 'subcategories' for Zero-Touch nodes

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I’m putting together a zero-touch library for our firm - I’ve got the DynamoCustomization.xml file working, all my summaries are coming in nicely, and the last thing that’s irking me is the little ‘+’ create symbol that subcategorises the functions within dynamo - how can I get my nodes to remap to, say, the ‘action’ or ‘query,’ subcategory?


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By declaring constructors (Create), methods (Action) and properties (Query). There’s no other way to do it as present. Typically, there’s no need to have the constructors visible in the library. The problem there is that the library is designed to show public constructors. If they are set to private or internal, the methods default to the Create category and there’s no way to control it - it’s a known limitation of the Library structure.

Interesting - so I’ve just been effectively using, say, ‘List’ and ‘Curve’ as a namespace, and having everything else be static functions within the class that takes data and .

So what I could be doing instead is extending DesignScript.Geometry.Curve and change the static methods to be instance methods?

Not sure I 100% understand, but thanks for replying!

@Thomas_Mahon @Chris.Welch Hey guys, I know this thread is a few months old but I believe you can indeed override these categories by using the NodeCategory attribute such as [NodeCategory("Query")]. To use this in ZeroTouch you need to add the DynamoVisualProgramming.Core NuGet package to the project and include the following reference using Dynamo.Graph.Nodes;


Thanks Keith

I am aware of those attributes however my understanding is they can only be used with Dynamo’s NodeModel and have no effect on ZT nodes?

It should work for ZeroTouch as well. Check out this PR.


Fantastic - I’ll look into it further. Cheers!