XML lunchbox multiple schedules


Recently ive been asked if there is a way to export a schedule to XML. This is possible through the lunchboxML package.

Unfortunately i get a error on the Create data set node, because the name of the sublist is the same.
Is there a way to combine two schedule with different parameters into one xml category.
Because the elements i want to export are the same category but different parameters.

Can you not just give them different names then? Or combine the data sets before creating the DataTable?

They want to use the XML to order the parts. And therefor they want to use the same description.
I tried to join / combine the lists, but because of the different parameters its giving me al kinds of errors.

If you need the parameter (header) and the value (data) then you should be able to combine those sublists as long as you end up with a valid dataset for the table (which I assume is an array similar to excel tables).

i tried to combine the lists before i use it as input. But somehow its still making two items. And it creates the same error.

You need to handle the lists with the appropriate list levels to make sure you end up with a table for each but within a single combined dataset.

You can’t have two tables with the same name. But you can pull from both tables within the same dataset. Otherwise you need to combine them without using separate parameter names (in the table).

Thats also what i tried. And the results where good. But thats not what they wanted.
Is it maybe possible to change the name afterwards?
Through another node / package or even a pythonscript?
Or is it possible to read an empty XML and fill it within the correct table?

Which name? And why change it afterwards when you can change it beforehand?

Again, why do this after the fact when you can do it from the beginning with two different tables.

Can you be more specific with exactly what you need and how it’s intended to be used? An XML table is just a dictionary. You can name anything whatever you want and put it wherever you want as long as you know how to query it again.

As example a want the two seperate datatables combine or create an extra layer.
So both datatables (parameter1 and parameter2) are in the same layer.

Current XML

Needed XML

Someone else an idea how to get the result I want?

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They already are combined into one DataSet of two Tables. If you need one table then you need to combine them using a single header. Does the parameter name (header) even matter if they’re all being combined for parts?