Merging Schedule Data For Excel

Hi All,

I have an interesting problem.

I need to create a single, large excel file which will include around 10 schedules from Revit.
I want to merge these schedules so that wherever there are identical parameters, they will appear in the same column.

I’ve extracted the schedule data using the Bimorph Schedule.GetData node, and now I’m trying to combine the lists in the proper way.

My biggest problem is that some schedules have unique parameters (for example, only one schedule uses Count, while another uses Length). I also have parameters that are used as product ID for each schedule.

The .dyn I’ve built does most of the work, but whenever a parameter is missing from any schedule, the values are placed incorrectly in the Excel.

I’m attaching the .dyn

Let me know what you think!

Schedule-Based-BOM.dyn (61.3 KB)

You’ll have to insert an empty string for every element’s missing parameter. Tha’s Going to be difficult to manage, with the sorting and the like.

Perhaps instead try getting the parameter names and elements out of the schedules, and then using an element.GetParameterValueByName node to just collect all the values (including the empty ones).

I’m still stuck on this problem, maybe I’ll go in a different direction - getting all elements of all categories I’m interested in and creating a “Schedule” from scratch by getting parameters. I’ll update this thread if I get anywhere with that.