Wrong Z coordinate created when using AddByCurve

Hi all,

When using the node AddByCurve to create my pipes for the Pipe Network, the wrong Z coordinates are created for all pipes except the first 3. See picture below. The input is correct, but the outcome is different. Any idea what could influence this? I don’t use any reference heights or anything like that.

Maybe set ApplyRules to false?

Thanks that worked. I have another follow-up question.

From the properties the Sump elevation is:

However the object itself says this:

Any ideas how that is possible?

Two thoughts here. First, it looks like you’re reading the elevation at the bottom outside elevation of the structure, which usually isn’t the sump elevation. That would only be the case if the base thickness is 0. But I don’t think that fully describes the difference, because that would mean that the base thickness of the structure in your example is 72cm, which seems pretty large!

Second, it looks like in the image that the structure depth hasn’t been adjusted based on where the pipe is. I think you have to connect the pipe to the structure first for the structure depth to update based on the invert of the lowest pipe. Doing so might force some things to update correctly.

The base thickness is only a few cm indeed, so it is still off. Your second thought brings me to a problem I have with connecting the pipes & structures as mentioned https://forum.dynamobim.com/t/unable-to-connect-pipes-to-structures/71371

I was wondering if this problem was creating a problem for connecting, but the other way around would maybe be better as U explained?