Problem writing value from excel spreadsheet to parameter of electrical device, receiving error “No Parameter by that Name”

Hi sorry for my naivety, but I’m new to Dynamo, my problem is that I’m trying to read an excel spreadsheet that has name of the corresponding equipment in one column and the equipment load in another column into dynamo and have it automatically find the correspondingly named equipment and update the electrical load of the corresponding equipment, without me having to manually do the data entry. So far I’ve written a program that just about does what I want, but I’m stuck at the final stage of my program writing the equipment load value from excel to the specified electrical equipment values Load parameter, my program successfully reads in my excel spreadsheet and find the corresponding equipment based on the name column, but can’t write the load value from excel to the electrical load parameter in the electrical family. However, I’ve been trying to figure out where my problem is going wrong myself in the program and have found that my program can write data to different parameters in the targeted electrical family, specifically parameter defined as parameter type “Text”, but not to parameters defined as type “Apparent Power” or anything that’s not parameter type “text”. I think the point where my program breaks down is at the node I’m trying to use to write the values to my specified parameters Element.SetParameterByName,I get the error “No parameter found by that name”, could someone please inform me how to do this properly and make this program work please?

P.S copied my dynamo file, excel sheet and a copy of the revit family I’m trying to write to incase that’d be any help

You put Two GetKeys nodes after (1) Element.GetParameterValueByName & (2) List.GetItemAtindex.

Could please elaborate On exactly how to lay this out, I’ve tried figuring out just how to implement this, but I’m so new to Dynamo that I’m at a loss as to how exactly to follow your instructions?

Hi Raymond

see dynamo file.


This Family parameter is default value. i can’t replace this. it will be change if family parameter value is blank.

Use below link

it’s helpful for you.


Final Dynamo file useful for you.


Thank you I’ll do my best to make it work.

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