Write value to all of same window Family Type

Basic Q… I want to write a value to all of the same Family Type, eg a Window Family called “Fixed”, that have different Types (variants). How can I write the same value to all of the same Family?

I have tried with:

  1. The use of "All Elements of Category", this just give me all windows
  2. Family types just give me one of the type, but not all of same Family
  3. ?


Anyone that could give me a hint of what I could do to get all of the same Family Types, like the a window with the Family name of “Fixed”?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks, but I want to select all types of the Family e.g. “Fixed”, not only one of the Types. In my example I have 8 or more different Types (sizes) of the Fixed Window.


I might be wrong here, but if you feed the output of “Family.Symbols” from Vikram Subbaiahs’ example into the “SetParameter” node and target a type parameter it should make the change in the family.


Thanks guys!

I just needed this little pus to understand how to get all Families of a specific type. I realized I did not needed the “FamilyInstance.ByFamilySymbol”

To be honest the Symbol nodes does not have the most logical name for selecting all of a kind.