Write/Set Key Schedule Parameter

I’m trying to populate parameters via Key Schedules (writing the key with Dynamo)
Shouldn’t this simple script using ElementIds work? It’s not working! What that simple or complicated thing that I’m missing? Thanks a lot!

Hi @jsancheztemb

If i am not mistaken you’re trying to write Element Id to Parameter “Estilo de suelo” ?

Yes, it’s a floor style in english (a key schedule)

El El sáb, 28 mar 2020 a las 19:43, Kulkul via Dynamo dynamobim@discoursemail.com escribió:

What’s the parameter storage type?

It’s curious because the node Object.Type says Autodesk.Revit.DB. Element.unknown

It finally worked, thanks, I think it was a Dynamo 2.0 problem not displaying results 8n real time, and crashing. Thanks a lot for your help. The misterious unknown type will remail!