Write Family Parameters to an Excel File

This completes the round trip for me, first to control a family via an excel spreadsheet, ie that is to be able to create and position a revit family from an excel spreadsheet (see post - How to control a Revit family).

The flip side now looks at writing family parameters back to the excel spreadsheet taking into account where any changes have been made to the Revit model (with the exception of the x,y,z location at this stage), thereby allowing you to control families from either within Revit or allowing other non-technical uses to manipulate families parameters from an excel spreadsheet.

This allows for Bi-directional editing. You will need to look at my earlier post of “How to control a Revit Family via an Excel file ” to see an approach to controlling families from an Excel file.

My question here is, can the highlighted part of the graph below be simplified further to cover the case where might might have 10-20 changeable parameters ?


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Hi @RLietz ,

Are you looking for something like this? (the list of parameter names can come from Excel …)