Working with lists!

Hi again!
So, there is a lame problem, i guess)
I’ve got a 2 parameters ( 1 and 2) and I want to bring them to the lists of list, so every elements of list 0 (RebarInSystem 208800…208803) will get the “1” parameter and element’s of list 1 will get the “2”.
I try to use map and function node, but it’s a fail.

And alost, even more troubles if parameters I want to set contain not only 1 number (it can be a number, and a string and something else) so the lists became very comlicated.

The lacing does not help me


Try using the list.cycle node on the parameters you want to set, this node takes to inputs, the data you want to cycle and the number of times you want to duplicate it, you can get the length of the lists of elements by using the list.count node. Plug these both in and it should give you a new list of lists with matching data structure. This should work.

If you want examples, try searching the list.cycle node in the forum, I’m sure you’ll get a hit which explains it pretty well.


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Thank you, I get it :slight_smile:

You’re welcome @sashka364, if the solution worked just be sure to mark as resolved. :blush: