Working with linestrings - Transform them to alignments


I imported some Shapefiles (.shp) and I would like to work with them. The content I want to work with is displayed as a linestring geometry. I would like to transform them into alignments. Is that even possible? Maybe with a workaround to first transform them into polylines?
Thanks for your help in advance!

Or could it work with curves?

Hi @tilman,

You could do all of this with the Civil 3D Toolkit package. There are multiple ways to do it, so some things you could look at:

  • GIS → MapFeature shelf
  • Civil 3D → AlignmentExtensions shelf
  • MapFeature.Geometry node
  • AlignmentExtensions.CreateAlignmentByPolyline node to create alignment from a polyline
  • AlignmentExtentions.CreateAlignmentPlaceholder node to create an empty alignment, then look at the AlignmentEntities shelf to add lines, arcs, or spirals to the alignment.
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