Converting Civil3D Alignment into a polyline

So My goal is to place Cad Blocks at certain Distances along a Civil 3d Alignment however I cannot figure out a way to extract the polycurve from an alignment so i can apply my division script to it.
Has anyone come up with a way to get around this?

The Arkance Systems Node Library contains a node to get the polycurve of an Alignment.


You can extract the PolyCurve, but I think it’s unnecessary overhead for this task. Typically the best way to do this is to get coordinate systems along the alignment at the station values where you want to insert the block references by using a Alignment.CoordinateSystemByStationOffset node. Then create the block references using a BlockReference.ByCoordinateSystem node.


Thank you for the Quick response
This is definitely a much more streamlined way to approach it.
Thank you!

Thanks for the Heads up!