Pull down menu nodes to Data-shape, like in Dynamo Player?


Using the “IsInput” in the pull down node’s option is great to obtain pull down menus in Dynamo Player.

I was wondering what would be the best way to use those nodes with Data-shape, without having to re-build a list of those items… as in : Category > All element of category?

This is the one input where Dynamo Player beats Data-Shape… :slight_smile:

thank you



You can’t use those nodes with Data-Shapes, not as a selection anyway. You would have to rebuild the list and use the Data-Shapes nodes to replicate this feature.

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Thank you Nick, I was suspecting that.

On the same subject, what is the best way to have a user input effect another user input?

For example, I need to ask for a category, then I need to ask for a tag family of that category.

Currently, I can think only of sequential inputs, either Player to Data-shape, or everything done in two Data-shape inputs sequences…

Alternatively, I could use data-shape conditional input, where I would setup 2, 3 or 4 of the most common categories, and when the user chooses one, the corresponding input gets activated… however, the categories would be limited…

Thank you



You would need to use consecutive Data-Shapes inputs. There’s no way to have a user input node “update” with a selection so these would have to be separate.

Hi @Giovanni_Succi,

The Data-Shapes package does have a “Categories list” node.