Wonder how can I change the offset value of imported column

Hi, after I imported my family column which has been set in Dynamo, the offset value cannot be changed, due to fixed location of Z value. Even though I changed the Z value in Dynamo to 10000, the result remains the same. The only one way to solve this issue is to change the original family type in Revit.
The second question is when I have two types of column, such as 800 diameter and 1000 diameter column, I wonder how can I link this family type from excel to dynamo so that I can import all types of column to Revit at once?

You probably need to upload your family here.

to your first problem, columns you made has a fixed top and bottom level when it gets created. Z value to 10000 wont work.

Now you can change Z value
Try this:

for second question, use IF node, and give a test to your list of diameter. i.e. 800 == true and others false. (1000 dia will be false)