Applying changes to an existing column in Revit via Dynamo


I’m trying to make a correction (moving) to a huge amount of columns that already exist in Revit, via Dynamo.
I would like the script to apply the changes to the columns that already exist and not create new ones.

Though I also tried a version of creating new ones by getting the volumetric center line of the existing column in dynamo and moved them to the right position so that I could create new columns by those lines. The script takes care of the different column types and applies the correct type to the new ones, but the oriantation of these new columns doesn’t necessary match the old ones which is a huge problem.

Has anyone got any ide of already existing packages or basically a way of do this?

thanks a lot!

Moving columns should be pretty simple. Is it purely an x,y movement?

yes, basically x,y,z move. So how would you suggest I do that?
I get the columns in to dynamo by select.modelelements and from there I only managed to use those to create new ones and not moving the existing ones in revit.

Sorry, I’m very new to revit and relatively new to Dynamo, but have used Grasshopper for a few years.



Take a look here:

Thanks a lot Dimitar, this seems to be very close to what I’m looking for.


Tried your solution and it seems to work fine, but it will actually not change the z-coordinate for the columns. Do you have any suggestions for that?


Columns are restrained by their assigned top and bottom constraints/offsets. You will most likely need to change those values to affect the Z elevation. You can change those with the default “SetParameterByName” node.