Wish: Option to Move alignment to project basepoint before accessing data

Its is possible or can we have an option in the Civil Connection package to move alignment etc to Revit project basepoint before accessing data as geometry scaling is rounding the numbers to the level that the stations on an arc are in almost a straightline!!

With nodes such as Alignment.CoordinateSystemByStation So even moving the output geometry after so it moves from real world coordinates to that of the project basepoint coordinates is no use.

Note: I have just also tested it running it at the higher geometry scaling options (Large & Extra Large) which i would rather not do as need the higher tolerances and although this stops the components giving warning its still outputting the same wrong data as seen above when re-run.

No, you should not use a different geometry scaling from medium.
The RevitUtils.DocumentTotalTransform() should do what you are asking already.

Fair Enough, other than moving the geometry in Civil3D closer to 0,0,0 which is my current work around are there any other options i should know about.

I think you are overcomplicating things, you don’t have to move the model in Civil 3D!

Its only gave me “No” part of your first reply until i pressed return on my second answer Sorry. Will look into what you have said.

Do you have an example of this in use, i have found the component and tried transforming the output coordinate system from one system to the other but that gives me some crazy numbers. So feel i am still doing something wrong.

Ok so after all that… it seems my colleague only gave me station up to around the start of the curve segment… but a much longer alignment… Just put the last station in of the alignment and it now matches the alignment in civil. Doh :man_facepalming:

Least i learnt about RevitUtils.DocumentTotalTransform() thats super useful.

Though i am still having one issue. In that i have to get the coordinate system.origin point before i can transform it. Any thoughts on this last issue.

Warning: CoordinateSystem.Transform operation failed.
Missing parameter does not have a default value.
Parameter name: parameters

Thanks for your help. and a great plug-in / package.

Realised while i can’t get the Coordinate System.Transform node to work I can convert it to a plane and move the plane with the geometry node. Be great to find out if this is a bug or if i need to do something else to get the node to work.