Window curved line


Hello everybody !

i am using this script from @Vikram_Subbaiah. i began dynamo last month

I can renumber parkings, piles, doors, but not windows or everything that is elevated. does anyone have a solution ?

thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @kataeb

Could you drop images of your complete graph with errors expanded.


Thanks for the answer @Kulkul.

I have no error,the new parameter is not set in the family. the curve does not detect the windows. It detect parking, piles,doors but not “elevated” families i think.


I think that i can renumber them because i do not touch them in my plan view. Is there any solution like for exemple by selecting near elements ?


@kataeb Rather than placing 1000 points on the curve i’d try and find the closest point on the curve to each element, then use the parameter at point node to sort them.


thanks my friend, you are very cool


@kataeb Here is how you mark the post as solved. Your welcome!


i have a problem when applying my script. only one element is changed

do you have any idea?


@Kulkul here is the file selec.dyn (9.2 KB)


@kataeb Right click on “Geometry.ClosestPointTo” and “Curve.ParameterAtPoint” change lacing to longest.