Why no installer?

Hi, Wondering why when I download Dynamo Core, there is no installer, just the folder with the files. Am I missing something? Or is that how it is distributed?

For Dynamo Sandbox this is indeed how it is distributed.

Starting with the 2020 product line Dynamo for Revit, Civil 3D and other integrations are distributed by the integration (ie: with Revit updates or via manage.autodesk.com).

For older supported versions of Revit (2019 and 2018) you want the DynamoInstall, the latest of which is 2.0.4.

but why??? :wink:

well… why would you want one when the zip works just as well?

Because sadly it does not work as well. I copied the files over and now I am getting an error: Could not load file or assembly…

use 7-zip, it gives you the option to unblock .dll files while extracting

Yes I actually know that and have installed it. The point I was trying to make to the Autodesk team is that you cannot expect your customers to know this stuff on their own or to download another UNZIP software just to unzip your files. A professional piece of software should have a proper installer.

free software

Hello Wassim,

As others have mentioned in this thread above, Dynamo comes in many flavours :slight_smile: In terms of expression in our hosts (Revit, Civil 3d, FormIt, Advance Steel, Alias) you either get it pre-installed (i.e Revit’s approach) or can install via manage.autodesk.com (i.e Civil 3d’s approach) as an update.

Dynamo Sandbox is not a professional offering in the terms you describe, but is intended as an additional way to explore and access Dynamo in a host non-specific way. This way you get to test features against the latest builds and latest releases in a much faster way than waiting for the slower development cycles of our hosts. It is aimed at the Developer rather than front-line staff. You get the added benefit of it being multi-threaded by default so the UI will not lock up upon execution as it does inside of single-threaded applications.

Dynamo Sandbox is a secondary way to access Dynamo beyond that of the host expressions and is as such subservient to them. Shipping in a Zipped file format means that it also doesn’t touch the registry (nor cause version conflicts) and is self contained to the unzipped location.


ok. I cannot say I am surprised. Just this is not what Dynamo was when I started working with it.