Why isn't this working? curtain panels





The familyinstance.location isn’t working on curtain panels. error operation failed

Also the node elements.filterBYParameterValueandCondition doesn’t give a value lists are null.

I’am trying to select some curtain panels and change them into another curtain panel family


At first glance I think the parameter name needs to be a string. Currently you are giving it an _Singlefunction object.

I have the same problem. Why don’t curtain panel families not allow you to get the element location? Did you ever figure it out?

Curtain Panels don’t have a Location property. You can do two other things to get a location. One is to extract boundary curves, explode them, get point at start of each curve, use the points to create a polygon by points, query the polygon for center point. Another option is to use Transform property of the panel and just query the transform for its Origin point. That will give you a point at the base of the panel I think.

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