Family Instance Locations for curtain panels

Is it possible to use the FamilyInstance.Location Node for curtain panels? I just need their location, so I don’t really want to pull out any kind of hard geometry. Thanks!



Curtain Panel doesn’t have a Location property. What you can do to obtain a location of a panel is to extract its Boundary and then convert it to a Polygon, then finally getting Polygon.Center as a center point of the panel. Another possibility which would be much faster, is to use the Transform property of the panel and then ask it for the Origin point of the Transform. This will give you a point that is - if I am not mistaken - at the base / center of the panel.


Konrad, what do you mean by the Transform property of the panel? Could you post an image of what you are talking about? Thanks


@Konrad_K_Sobon and @Organon
I can solve my problem from your advice. Thanks.

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