Why is Wall Function returning binary values?

I just figured out how to retrieve the Function parameter of my placed walls; now I am wondering why the Get Parameter by Name node is returning a list of 1’s and 0’s (which I am guessing are a form of booleans, but I could be wrong). In the Element.Parameters node, the Function is stated as a string, which is what I desire. So why is the same parameter name not returning strings when I try to retrieve it?

Try searching the forum for similar questions before posting. This and your previous post are both fairly common questions. There should be a good amount of information already out there to get you started. Then you’re free to come back and ask specifics when you run into issues.

allright…think 0 is interior and 1 is exterior

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You can try this one here, it will give your the string from Function parameter…

That looks promising! Which package is this part of? I don’t see it in the OOTB library nor any of the packages I have installed.

MEPower or you can try this here…

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I see that for this post I could have found this similar post had I continued my search longer. But for my previous post I found no direct answer to my question. How long should I search before posting, and are forum users supposed to accept answers from past posts that don’t directly address their question? I want to follow proper etiquette and make the forum useful for my education. That said, I will consider your admonition from now on.

Because that is an enumeration in the RevitAPI.

The specific values are here:

With parameters like this we have both the int value and the string value available. The Element.Parameters node exposes the string values of the parameters so that is why you see it like that.

Also, when setting these parameters you will more than likely have to use the int.


@john_pierson …so true

Thank you very much, John! I will keep this in mind, as well as the API Docs website bookmarked.

It’s honestly a gray area and that’s what makes it so difficult (both for those asking questions and those trying to answer.) The main point is that you let us know what you’ve already tried or searched for. We want to make sure that people are using the resources that already exist but also that we don’t end up wasting time reiterating something that they may already know or have tried.

The tricky part with questions like these is that there may not be a post specifically about the WallType Function parameter (just lucky for you), but there is likely a post about selection parameters returning integers. Just like working with nodes in Dynamo, searching the forums is all about knowing exactly what you’re looking for (or should be looking for) and unfortunately that just comes with experience sometimes. Always search for general scenarios, not exact workflows.


Thank you for understanding my dilemma. I will do the best I can to follow your advice, and I would appreciate some forgiveness if another post in your view clearly answers my question but I apparently didn’t find the post or didn’t understand its connection to my query. Again, I appreciate your help and want to follow the guidelines here.

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I like the package, thanks for mentioning it! However the node did not work with the Wall Function parameter. I just want to note that here for future reference.

Please don’t take my response as an attack on you or your post, just a chance to educate you on what helps us (and in turn helps you!) The more information provided the better.