Door - Interior/Exterior Function Parameter

Can anyone tell me why the “get parameter value” node won’t read the “Function” parameter (the built in function that shows whether a door is internal or external. Is there another one i can use ? I tried a few alternatives from the package manager to no avail

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Function is a type parameter, not an instance. As such you need to get the family type before you can ask what the function is.

Put this in a code block as shown above and I think you’ll get the results you’re looking for.


Note: This changes the default 0/1 response of the parameter value to a string of Interior or Exterior, which is what the built in drop down allows you to select (0 is interior, 1 is exterior).

If you need to set the parameter values after you pull them then you will need to feed the types a 0 or 1 accordingly (not interior or exterior).


Thanks Jacob, i knew it was a type parameter but I couldn’t get the Get Type Parameter Value By Name node to work either - I didn’t realise the output was 1 or 0 as it comes out as text in the object properties dialogue box in revit.

try also to see this

Thanks - I was just trying to filter out external doors in a door renumbering graph (they would be numbered differently) so the 1 or 0 works fine for me