Why is the parameter method in Dynamo different from the parameter method in AutoCAD

I ran into something weird. I have a polycurve in Dynamo which consists of several curves. Let’s say two elements, but the polycurve is obviously one object. I can recreate the polycurve in AutoCAD as polyline, which also consists of two elements but still is a single object.

In AutoCAD (with C#) the polyline has two parameters in total. Each vertex is a parameter. So if I request a point that lies on the second element, I get a parameter between 1 and 2:


If I request the parameter at the same point in Dynamo on a polycurve that is an exact copy of the polyline, I get a parameter between 0 and 1:

Of course I can solve it by dividing the distance at point by the length of the polyline, what gives me the corresponding parameter along the polycurve, but it is quite confusing. It took a lot of time to find out that a polycurve, that consists of multiple curves, is considered as one element when requesting the parameters in constrast to this functionality on a polyline.

Well, not a real question though, but I hope it will help others who will run into this. And it would be nice if the ParameterAtPoint on a polycurve will respect the number of vertices in a future version of Dynamo :nerd_face: