While loop node will crash if initial values are a list

Is there a way to use the while loop node increasing the values of a list until at some point and not only for one value? The example you see in the picture is the same loop I found on the dynamo dictionary. I increase by ten until the values will be bigger than 100. But it only crashes if the initial values are a list of any sort. Do you know if that is by default impossible or if there is another way to do it? thanks.


yea there is supposed to be “100” instead of 0 for the continuewhile input.

What is your end goal here? What is your expected output? You could simply create a sequence to give you the same thing.

@lododo_2 As suggested by @Nick_Boyts there probably are better ways without having to use LoopWhile
Would help if you could outline the intended application of this node or your desired output .

loopWhile.dyn (17.9 KB)

thank you.

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to do what I am doing I really need the node “while loop”, thank you for the suggestion tho