LoopWhile to get a node to run multiple times

I have a custom node that I can get working if I give it individual values, but not if I give it a list of values.
I am trying to generate some logic around LoopWhile to get the node to execute multiple times (once for each index of data).
the Node in question is “Export PAT File” from the GeniusLoci Package.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you.

I’ll first recommend doing some searching on the forum for similar topics. There are many discussions on how and, more importantly, when you should run loops in Dynamo as well as how to make custom nodes work with singletons and lists. If your custom node already works with one input then it should just be a matter of list levels to get it to work with a list.

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Thank you, I was able to get it to work without the LoopWhile node.
I SWEAR I had tested every option I had around list at level… aparently not.

I had also been looking at a lot of different forum posts around the LoopWhile node but couldnt find anything to explain where my problems were.

Which leaves the question as to why what I was doing didnt work.
Was I combining functions incorectly or something?

Part of it is probably the fact that your initial value is a list of random object types and structures so that won’t work. But even then I’m not sure if you can use multiple functions like that. Either way, it’s probably just not the right process.

As soon as you get to multiple function compose nodes to build an input it’s a sign that you need to generate a custom node.

Generally speaking functions in a workspace should be kept to a minimum for performance, error handling, and clarity purposes.