Where to find TT CORE studio new DynamoRevit nodes?

Apologies in advance…perhaps I am missing something?

Chiefly, I am wondering how to test out TT CORE studio nodes… Maybe I am misunderstanding, but I came across the following post from Max Thumfart 7mo ago (specifically interested in creating new Revit revisions through dynamo):

I am new to using github and downloaded the Revit 2017 version but couldn’t make heads or tails of it (I assume this is used explicitly for development of Dynamo itself?)

any guidance with both looking at those CORE nodes (couldn’t find when searching packages) or even how to use all of the various github directories for development would be most appreciated. Using R17 and Dyn1.3.1


These nodes are built into Dynamo - you don’t need any additional packages. Just look for them in the Revit category of the node browser.


Thanks @Andreas_Dieckmann ! props for all of the wonderful work you’ve done, btw!

I realized after posting that it was probably the “Revision.By Name” node but it was my first time using the forum and didn’t know if I could delete the post. I’ll leave up in case anyone else is new and confused about how dev works.

I really appreciate your help! I’m learning the API and designscript so hopefully can put some C# and python to good use here. Much obliged!

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Just to expand on @Andreas_Dieckmann answer. These nodes were added to Dynamo 1.3 and now Dynamo 1.3.1 releases. Please make sure you have at least that installed.