What .SAT File Version is Best to use when Importing geometry into Dynamo (+Revit)

I found a work around to get solid works models, with materials into Revit, as Families. I don’t own or use Solidworks. I received models in .SAT format from this program. Whenever I make the simple nodes to choose to open the .SAT file I would like, I get an unexpected error / incompatible version type. I tried originally in Revit 2021, got the unexpected error, tried 2023, got incompatible version (.SAT file). I tried opening the .SAT file in a trial version of solid works. And it works fine. and displays exactly how it is suppose to. What is going wrong with Dynamo?

No necessarily a Dynamo problem, but a file type one. Can you post one of the sat files for review?

Version 7

Need a file to reproduce the issue.