What is a non-pointer

What is here exactly wrong? the Codeblock doesn`t work, KR Andreas2019-05-29_14h43_04

Did you use Node to Code to get the code block? If not try doing that by selecting the Node, the right click in the open Graph area and pick Node to Code. I think the “t1.” at the beginning doesn’t belong there.

Generally it means there’s an error in the handling of your code.
In your case the syntax is wrong. Try using Node to Code to see the Design Script syntax for any node you’re trying to write.

i did it like in the pics! Node to Block, after the converting the Error occures, i don`t know why.
The input is a string

What pics? That is not the correct syntax for that node.

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Ok… in my case I had Elements.Element.GetParameterValueName… so that was the error

Following @SeanP’s instructions for Node to Code should give you the correct syntax.

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Note that the inclusion of some packages in your library could cause this syntax to change.

@JacobSmall, this was only previous to 2.0 was it not? I thought all ootb nodes used the full “path” now.