Be converted into code blocks?

How can this node be converted into code blocks?

Adding an empty string to your “object” will turn it into a string.



I a comment solved your issue please mark it as the solution… And help keeping the forum tidy… :slight_smile:

(Curve.Length )
How can this node be converted

By writing e.g. “x.Length” in a codeblock…

Generally you can mark the nodes you want to make to code-block “language” (design script) and rightclick the canvas choosing “node to code” and it will transform your nodes into code.

Wǒ zhèlǐ méiyǒu design script
I don’t have a design script here.

Design script is the coding language used inside code blocks… I do not know what you’re trying to show, but as your original question was answered you should create a new topic for further inquiries :slight_smile: