Website integration - Like SHAPEDIVER in grasshopper

In dynamo do we have option to add a script to website?

Just like we can do in grasshopper with the shapediver, that we can embed in cloud a script and the inputs and online people can change and see the changes real time.

Here is an example:


Link doesn’t work - can you repost it?

For pulling data from a web source you could add a WebRequest node…

The name of the video is : 01 - Grasshopper + ShapeDiver - Interaction with ShpD3D Parametric Tower

Below are examples of Dynamo’s ‘Customizer’
But this functionality was discontinued

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Have there been any updates to this post? I am looking for a shapediver like system for dynamo is there any information on this?

Hi, this is very interesting question. I have the same. Are there any updates?