We need a script made

Greetings to everyone.
We are an architectural firm and while we have a lot of experience in Revit we dont have almost any experience in Dynamo.
We have a client that specifically asked for a script that will take a rectangular room as an outline(red rectangle in below reference) and fill the whole area of the room with specific types of tiles.The area must be divided into 4 equal rows (blue horizontal lines in below reference) and each row must be filled with 5 different types of tiles (same height as the row,different width).
The types of tiles will be (w X h) 50 x 1510 , 100 x 1510 , 150 x 1510 , 200 x 1510 , 250 x 1510 (mm).

Of course this must be random (random scattering in the row and each row different with the other rows)so we can run it several times and have different results.
Each row must be filled completely and no spaces must remain.Also tiling joints between two rows must not be aligned.
Please disregard the tiling already applied in the reference image.
Please contact us for more details through DM of the forum.
This particular job must be completed by the end of the coming week.
Thank everyone in advance.

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Welcome to the Priorities forum. Here we have rules that you should know in advance when you ask for help, and these rules help you get help in the most effective way.

I think the most effective way to get help here is to share a Dynamo graphic, tell your problem, and wait for help.

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Thank you for your reply.
We would definately share a Dynamo graphic if we had any.
As the post title states “We need a script made”.
That is we describe what our problem is and we hope there will be an individual that can create a dynamo graph solving our problem.
And as the tag of the post is Jobs this will be rewarded of course.

reward whatever :slight_smile:
i’t’s not so hard to do it yourself
what you learn in the meantime will affect your salary, not ours

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Thank you Marcel for your reply.
I would gladly learn how to Dynamo but unfortunately for this specific request we have very little time.
As i said in a previous post we have close to none experience in that matter and from the little i know what we need to achieve here seems pretty complex in my mind.
Correct me if i am wrong but this wont be a simple graph.
Thanks again.

As noted above, this isn’t a ‘do my work for me’ forum. However the original author is looking to hire an individual to do produce such a graph, and as such it is in the Jobs category.

Yes the request is possible, and not actually all that hard. However it is lacking quite a bit in terms of what would be expected for a jobs posting.

@Giopent can you edit the original post to include:

  • A clear request of what you’re after, including a sketch if needed (I’m a bit lost in reading it, so a sketch would be advised)
  • A preferred means of contacting you (email or DM via the forum)
  • And an expected timeline for completion.

Myself and the other modes will then pin this topic for a period of time in the category, and will close the topic to prevent spam.


Hi JacobSmall and thank you.
I will edit the original post as soon as possible.

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