Hi guys! :slight_smile:

I am just wondering if we can create a watermark inside our dynamo script.

Thanks in advance!!! have a great day!!! :smiley:

Most likely not, but what function are you trying to serve with it? Are you trying to keep people from using it, taking credit, or what? Since it is all.open source, unless you develope a bunch of custom ZTE nodes and package them, there isn’t much you can to do.

No, there’s no way to create an ‘embedded’ watermark in dynamo workspaces. You could make a View Extension or ZT node, but this would be pointless if you are distributing your workspaces as all people that open them will require that Plugin/package to be installed to see the watermark.

If you are just putting your stamp on the graph, then you could just have a pop up written in python with EULA or open a Web page when run for first time etc etc

If you want to stop people using the workspace, then you could create a Plugin that encrypts/decrypts the file so it can’t be opened unless you have the Plugin.

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