On and off watermark on sheets before and after pdf creation

To all, i have a sheet to be pdf, it has a note or watermark that needs to be remove and create the pdf without this note. But everytime i create the pdf has still the watermark even though the sheet note is turned off. Just to further explain the note is on first then i turn it off in the process before pdf creation. I know the active view does not refresh on the dynamo session. Is there any other way to tackle this? Currently i have to do this on a two step process. I already search the forum and found same answer, that is active view does not refresh on current dynamo session. If not possible its ok.

Please post a sample file, images, things that you have tried etc.

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I have watermark on the titleblock

And using this graph to turnoff the watermark and create the pdf…WATERMARK.dyn (14.3 KB)

But my result still has the watermark even if the current view has no more watermark…

Current View

I also attached the family for ease.

WATERMARK_A1_Metric.rfa (388 KB)

And the pdf created.

Project1 - Sheet - A100 - Unnamed.pdf (29.0 KB)

Thanks for your time and thanks a lot for your hard work