Warning.get warning operation failed (method not found)

Hi All,

I am trying to get the warnings in my revit model using the dynamo node “Warning.GetWarnings” (Archilab node).

But I am facing an error. See image:

Any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance…!

What version of revit are you using. I believe the warnings api was introduced in revit 2018. It will not work on earlier versions of revit.

Hi Daniel

Thanks for the help.
I tested this node in Revit 2019 and its working fine.

But if I wanted to use it in Revit version prior to 2018 then how should I do it?
I wanted to use it in Revit 2017 and dynamo I am using is 1.3.3

Thanks in advance…!

Hi @shahed.attar,

I don’t think there really was an official way. I remember Konrad Sobon had a cool way to retrieve them from an exported Html file…

This is I think the only way they could be gotten to prior to the API upgrade.


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