Warning:Element.SetParameterByName operation failed on instance parameters

I used the data shape package’s nodes to create the clear Box for doors family . Everything is running well but at the end on the following node, I receive an error regarding that no parameter found by name. Those parameters that I want to use are the Instance Parameters. But on the before nodes I can get the output result for parameters on family type. Anybody knows what’s the problem?
Thank you.

Maybe you need a Transaction.End node.
There is also a Wait.For node
Thing is (and i maybe on thin ice now) The Set.Rotation node in your graph is forcing an element to rotate, that may need to be done first before you can set the parameters.
But check twice if the parameters of the element in question are instance or type parameters.

Thanks for quick response. Actually I think, my problem is on retrieving the parameters from Revit. At the beginning the “Height” and " Width" are the type parameters and related to the door family but at the end, on the code block, all of the parameters are instance parameters and related to box family that I want to be modified and created exactly on the location of the door parameters with the defined clearance and offset values. But I receive the problem at the end as you see.

Please give us some more background, are you rotating a Door Instance?
Most of us just flip it, but that obviously is not the same (if you are the one ordering the stuff it gets messy)

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Maybe try using these nodes from Rhythm as part of your workflow. Super handy when you’re dealing with type or instance parameters in a few steps.


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Thank you so much, Actually it works with the same code block that I had. I just re-created all of the node and uninstalled some packages that I had on Dynamo.
I used those nodes from Rhythm package in the previous steps and they are really efficient.

The problem that I have here is creating the clear box based on the doors in different angles. I don’t know how to set the angles of the doors/ walls then the clear box can be adjusted on any direction. Any suggestion?

The problem that I have here is creating the clear box based on the doors in different angles (Different direction of wall in north, south and east and width). I don’t know why the angles of the doors/ walls is not be adjusted to the created clear box in desire direction. I used this nodes to get the adjusted angle as bellow:

Is this the same problem I’m talking to you about over on this thread?

I’d suggest just focusing on one solution ideally…

No, This is another way which I’m using the created family type as “Box” in Revit Model and then assign it on the door family on Dynamo.

I’ll give you the step to determine box properties in the other thread, but I’d suggest building this family into your doors as a nested component - this is how I do it, and it means all you need to do is push data down to the door family and then to that nested component rather than manage a separate family.

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