Walls outer perimeter faces

I want walls outer perimeter faces
a help? Thank you

a help?

You could try something along the lines of this:

All the custom nodes are from Clockwork, except the one marked in green.


Thanks Dimitar
Using version 8 dynamo and spring node does not go

I just try the faces of the external perimeter walls

Try this:

WallExteriorFaces.dyn (14.2 KB)


Thanks Organon
for the answer
I use Dynamo 8 (sigh !!)
I do not read dyn file

Did you filter out some of the information in the dyn that was posted, as that graph filters all walls.

Here’s another file:

WallOuterFaces.dyn (6.4 KB)

The code:

// Walls
walls = RemoveIfNot(items, "Wall");
wallsLevel = walls.GetParameterValueByName("Base Constraint");
wallsByLevel = List.GroupByKey(walls, wallsLevel)["groups"];
w_geom1 = Flatten(wallsByLevel.Geometry()<1>);
w_geom2 = Solid.ByUnion(w_geom1);
w_geom3 = w_geom2.Explode();

// Rooms
roomsLevel = rooms.GetParameterValueByName("Level");
roomsByLevel = List.GroupByKey(rooms, roomsLevel)["groups"];
r_geom1 = Flatten(roomsByLevel.Geometry()<1>);
r_geom2 = Solid.ByUnion(r_geom1);

// Outer faces
bools = w_geom3.DoesIntersect(r_geom2);
indices = List.AllIndicesOf(bools<1>, false);
faces = List.GetItemAtIndex(w_geom3<1>, indices<1>);
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Sorry, but i don’t undesrtand what you mean.

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Thanks for the answer
@ Organon
I tried it with a long program
yours is better

How can i get the exterior faces of curtain wall panels along with regular walls?