Walls Global Parameter Review - Assigned and not assigned

I’m trying to review the global parameters of the walls i have in my project, i have assigned them to the top offset and there are some cases that i miss some walls to put these parameters, so that is why i want to review and know wich walls i have to assign their parameters yet. I would like to know how to select those walls using Dynamo, so i can visualize them by a graphic override or another method wich walls i have to assign parameters yet. I have reached to get the global parameter name and the list of all the parameters already assigned but i have no idea of how to get a list that shows me the walls that have no global parameters yet on top offset, hope you can help me thanks.

Please share the graph or images of what you’ve done to get better, or any, help.

I would say that you should be able to collect all walls, then check with Element.GetParameterValueByName for your parameters, then FilterByBooleanMask using isNull or IsEmpty

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Thanks for your answer, here are some ideas, in the bottom is what you recommended me. The Global parameter I want to find or focus on is “NLT-0.15” which is assigned on Top Offset.

Somebody can help me?

Use Category and All Elements of Category in lieu of Types. I assume this is an instance based parameter which is why it can’t find it.