Wall with different start and end height

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I have a question regarding the node Wall by face. I dont seem to get it working, meaning that it wont create a wall in Revit (2019).

To clarify, I dont nessecarily need to use wall by face. What I want to create is a wall shown in the back of the screen. Starting at hight e.g. 4m and ending at e.g. 2m.

I have the 4 cornerpoints of the polygon, define my Surface and feed this info into wall by face.

Is there a way to get what I want using dynamo?

Tank you in advance!


Wall.ByFace has the same limitations as the Revit tool in that it requires a mass or generic model face to work from. You are providing a Dynamo surface, so there is no underlying Revit reference for it to work with and it is returning null.

I’m not quite sure of your intentions with the DirectShape node but the geometry input it expects would be Dynamo geometry, not Revit elements. If you are happy with DirectShape (as opposed to a wall) then you could omit Wall.ByFace and instead thicken your surface and feed that into DirectShape

In Revit UI you could achieve this by editing a wall profile.
You could try to find a node that does that or try to work with API/Python yourself. See here:

@Thomas_Corrie ah ok, makes sense. Since I need a load bearing wall the thicken + direct shape option is of the table.

@maciek.glowka this could mean, creating a normal wall by levels and then editing the profile? I will give this a try.

Ok so I managed to do it by using the solution from one of my other topics. (see link)

This is working for me!

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