Wall.Orientation splits 1 wall into 2

Hey guys,

I am having a problem with clockwork’s wall.orientation. When another wall (blue) crosses or ends in the wall of which I want the orientation (image 1), the node splits the wall in 2 parts as can be seen in the list (image 2 - one element number for 2 indexes).

I originally used list.unique.items to solve the issue, since I just needed the orientation. Now however, I also want the surface area of the wall, so I need the entire wall. Now the question:

Is there a way to tell clockwork/wall.orientation to consider the element as one wall regardless of other interfering walls, thus prevent it from splitting a single wall into two?

image 1

image 2

The problem here isn’t the wall.orientation node, it is the way Revit provides Room Bounding elements. As you can see, there are multiple instances of the same Element ID coming from he Room.Finishes node. The image below may help you reduce duplicates for rooms that have this issue.

You will probably have to check for duplicates in the list then once you have those out plug those into the Orientation node, but be casefile because you may get results you aren’t expecting if the same wall spans multiple rooms. It may be better to get the room walls, check for duplicates, then use the Areas provided by the Room.Finishes node and apply that back to the Wall Type of the wall. It just depends on what you are trying to do / get as a final output.

Hey Sean, thanks for the answer. When I filter out duplicates from the room.finishes area though, I end up with only a part of the wall, so the resulting surface area is wrong because it misses the other part(s).

I guess I need to find a way to add the surface areas for the same element numbers together. I would like to export the data to an excel, which is why I need the info rather clean…