Wall is mirrored (or not)

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Hey all
Im looking for a way for dynamo to check if walls are mirrored.

I tried this method offered by @Yna_Db:

but as he then told me (when he saw my printscreen and realized i need it for walls) - this code is only good for family instances.

Any ideas?

No idea if this would work as I’m unable to test it at the moment. Also there may be a much more effective way to do this. But here is what I would try first.

Walls want the outside on the north when drawn left right, and on the right when drawn top down, on the bottom when drawn right to left, and on the left when drawn bottom to top. Basically on the outside of drawn clockwise. So, if you get the startpoint, and endpoint, and make a vector of the two, and rotate it 90 degrees you will have what should be the normal.

Then you can get the normal with the Wall Orientation node in clockwork to find out which side is out, and measure the angle about the z axis between these two. If it is 0 than you have a non-flipped wall. If it is 180 than the wall is flipped.

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hi @lUNi
I have tried to traverse the Revit API, and can’t find the mirror option for system families (walls, floors etc.) only for families. So for now am I afraid it is not possible.

the family option…

Thanks @JacobSmall and @erfajo
guess ill have to keep manualy ticking that “Mirror” Boolean instant parameter for now… :confused:

Just to be sure, you doesnt mean “flipping”?
And you are welcome… the Revit API is a mouthful to learn to navigate :slight_smile:

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I dont mean "flipping"
although if i could know which wall is flipped it would be enough.
the information ill be able to get, either mirrored or flipped would decide how i work with these elements - so if i could find a node to get me mirrored info - ill work with the mirror tool, if i could get the flipped info ill work with fliping…

You will find a node called Get.FlippedWall in the BlackBox package that may fit your needs

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