Wall element to curve conversion

I’m wondering why I can’t get a wall element from the Select Model Element Node to convert to a curve using the Element.Curves node. Instead I get an empty list. My ultimate intent is to apply the Curve.PointsAtEqualSegmentLength node to original wall element so that I can place families at equal spacing along the wall. Is there a better node I should be using instead of Element.Curves?

RoomFinishBoundarySegmentDivisions_2019.02.15.dyn (12.5 KB)

01_06_End_FamilyLocation.rvt (3.6 MB)


Element location from clockwork package maybe

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Get Location should also work. Note that face based walls will not behave this way though.

hey hi Daniel,
Im working on similar thing.
placing duct hangers on duct.
I have did partially. Not able to put these family as array / or in series.
Also it has rotation problem.

Please someone enlighten us :blush:

supports on ducts 3.dyn (79.8 KB)

Dynamo 2.0.2

Hi @Nissal,

It is very natural that there are problems with defined vector entries…

Use the “Curves” from “Element.Location” to find the vectors.

PS:Please start a new topic.


Yeah i tried from Element.Location. Its taking curve start and end points. Also im getting curve length

How can insert hanger family over duct as an array. say at an interval of 4meter distance

New topic is already here :point_down:: :blush: