Wall Dimension Intersect

So, unfortunately I found a problem with my graph for dimensioning walls…

If the walls aren’t split at intersect, parts fail…

This is because there isn’t a Face at the intersection… For it to work i would need to get the faces of the intersecting wall and use those…

Right now my head has given out, would anyone mind lending a hand?



DimWallsIntersect-cut.dyn (33.4 KB)
WallsIntersect.rvt (1.7 MB)

Hi Mark :slight_smile:

Would it help if you could separate the Surfaces in a way that each sublist of walls represent a continuous Solid (thus, indirectly splitting the wall in two different walls) ? (Meaning that in your example, you would separate the output of Topology.Faces in two sublists ?)

If so, I might have a way to do it !

Hi @Mark.Ackerley

You need dimension to center of wall?

Hey guys,

TBH I’m just touched that someone out there is listening :slight_smile: You know those nights when the kids just don’t sleep and you abstract thought is quite tough?!

@mellouze Yes I think that is right, work out which surfaces are intersecting, get them from the other wall and reorder…

@Kulkul Ideally the intersecting wall faces… But heck I’ll take anything :smiley:



Hope this helps you :slight_smile:

Edit : The PolySurface.ExtractSolids node returns two separate solids (forgot the preview)


@mellouze Thanks for trying, unfortunately I need Faces and this method loses that connection with the Element, so I can’t get Face References, which are necessary for dimensioning…

Couldn’t you get the structure you get from my method (with indices, sub-lists, etc.), and then re-order the faces of your element accordingly ?

Hey, probably, with a bit more sleep…

It will get quite complex because the wall surface lists will be cross referencing each other and picking each others indexes…



@Mark.Ackerley Try the attached script Dim Walls.dyn (7.1 KB) Big thanks to @Daniel_Woodcock1 for his support.


Thanks @Kulkul & @Daniel_Woodcock1 that’s amazing!

Unfortunately it’s just too good!

My Python skills will require a huge amount of improvement to be able to tailor this to my graph. Right now I can’t even make it work in a plan view :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again,


Haha! Very honest of you @Mark.Ackerley ! I’m sure your python skills will improve every day! :slight_smile:

I see you have that piece of cake icon, Happy Dynamoversary! :cake: :partying_face:

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