Wall created in Dynamo not visible in Revit

Hi, I’m fairly new to Dynamo and have been having some issues with elements created in Dynamo not showing up in Revit.

I’ve created a wall using Wall.ByCurveAndLevels, as you can see from the screenshot the element has been created and assigned an ID. The outline of the wall only becomes visible if I select the Wall Type ‘Curtain Wall 1’ - this is similar to previous (unanswered) question on the forum.

I’ve shown two walls with different Wall Types, one with ‘Curtain Wall 1’ and another generic.

I’ve checked the visibility settings and restarted several times but to no avail.

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Hi @_Sam

Which unanswered topic? Post the link to the topic here.

Maybe is the Coordination Visibility options. Check if the wall you are creating is structural.


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I agree with @Jorge_Villarroel that you should check the discipline of the view because architectural walls do not show when discipline is set to structural and similar for other way.

If you know it should be a structural wall then you need to tick the structural wall property of the object, you can add this to your script by setting the parameter of the object. The parameter is called “Structural” and will need to be set to 1 for yes and 0 for no.

This could be for multiple reasons I think, I would recommend checking @Jorge_Villarroel’s reply first.
Then checking the wall types, also I see in your screenshot that you are using Wireframe in the visual style, then the Dynamo version (I am using 1.3) I tried it out and it works just perfect:

Thanks all, it was a case of the architectural walls not being visible in the structures template.

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A singular reference when we expect to see something in Revit, but don’t see it:

It returns nothing for me. Any ideas?

what kind of element did you selected?
what is comming out of Element.Curves use a watch node and show us

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