Wall Brick Points

Hello everyone, I am a beginner in Dynamo, I am learning slowly but I would like to take some doubts and that you could help me to elaborate a workflw, that creates the blocks of a masonry automatically selecting the wall, I did a similar workflw, but I used model lines , and the lines were distributed the blocks along the line, but only the first track of blocks, the above blocks still have not resolved, what I look for is something similar to the image, I will publish the workflow that I made, Thank you all!
It is worth remembering that I started the dynamo recently.

in the file of the dropbox has what I wrote, and an image of the result that I hope to get

Just out of curiosity, why are you trying to create actual blocks in Revit? This process would add a significant amount of geometry to your Revit project, unless maybe you’re only looking to find this on a very small wall.

My intuition (or maybe assumptions) are that you are seeking to find a count of masonry units from the walls in your project? If this is the case, creating the actual Revit geometry in your Revit project is unnecessary and very likely be done via Dynamo without bogging your Revit project down with every instance of masonry unit blocks.


If it’s not for counting but for designing the bricks in various bonds then? Actually i like to orient the bricks in various way like in “Dental” or “Corbel” fashion or arrange the bricks in a specific bond or mixing up the bonds etc quickly by dynamo. I got some script though but more options are needed for brick design. If you or anyone or forum people could have script for various type of brick design, please let me or others know.

See what’s in this thread for a start:

You will easily find other references by typing “brick” in the search field.

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thank you!

Hi @riiick Were you able to develop this routine? Could you go over it or give tips on development?