Voronoi Posting #4 [ Voronoi Faces / Simple Approach Using Sphere ]

Voronoi bothered me. Especially, it’s that putting Voronoi patterns on curved surfaces and 3D Voronoi.
Obviously, there seemed to be an easier way someone knows but doesn’t tell. Eather that or, I have a poor search skill.
Eather way, I figured out how to generate Voronoi easier.
It’s not an approach through mathmatical way or other language like C++, python etc.
It’s just modeling.

VoronoiFaces-1_share.dyn (55.4 KB)

To tell you the conclusion, the key point of the way is approaching through spheres centered on random points (to be Voronoi cell points)

You can see that it matches the Voronoi node exactly as in the picture above. Isn’t it amazing?
This approach give complete Voronoi Curves ~ Faces. It does not create incomplete curves like the original Voronoi node does.

well… I think my custom node contained this algorithm might be like ‘Voronoi Facet’ of grasshopper.
After I share my last post on Voronoi, I’m thinking of uploading the Voronoi node set I developed as a package (maybe in LynnPkg).

Here is the video I about work with dynamo studio.

PART1: Spheres = Voronoi ( Key point of simple way to generate Voronoi tesselation ) (0:01:03)
PART2: Uniform Random Points on the Sphere (0:07:35)
PART+: Random Amount Seed (~python) (0:13:01)
PART3: Voronoi Tessellation on the Sphere(0:15:11)

It’s not in the video, but you can do something like this as Voronoi’s advanced shape.


This is absolutely awesome @Lynn_Kim! Not only is it a powerful workflow, but the results are stunning too :smiley: Thank you for sharing :raised_hands:

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