Voronoi Grid By Color Brightness

Hello ,

I’m trying to make a Voronoi Grid on a Surface based on a Image ( File Path ) Color Brightness.
The Output of the Color Brightness are Numbers, or the Input of the Voronoi Grid needs UV.
How can I Filter the Color Brightness Numbers into points so I can get my UVS ?
Is there any way to do it in Dynamo ?

I don’t have the answer but the dense areas of the image you show here have more points. Also the voronoi node in Dynamo is not very stable. Something like what you show would be easier to create with Rhino-grasshopper3D.

But basically I think if you read the image brightness at each point in a the grid of pixels then if that brightness is greater than a cut off value you create a point at that location. This collection of points could be used to generate the voronoi but it would have a more regular appearance than the example you show.

Another way to go would be to create regions by brightness possible some sort off Boolean union operation on squares then creating random points inside these regions of different density for the different types of regions.

I don’t really want to offer to try because the voronoi node is so unreliable in dynamo. Does it have to be Dynamo?

Actually i really need it …
I thought i can do it in Dynamo while i’m still learning the software … It can be also some sort of a practice but i can’t find a way to do it … I’ve done it successfully in circular shapes , where i connected the radius of the circles with the color brightness , but can’t do so with the voronoi grid.
Are you suggesting trying it in another software ? If there’s no other way i should try…

I think this would be a good point to post what you’ve got so far and a question which bit you are stuck on. But what I am saying is the voronoi node doesn’t work very well in Dynamo but does work very well in the very similar visual programming tool grasshopper 3d.

But if this is a learning Dynamo exercise I think it is good to persevere in Dynamo and see where you get.

The graph below should help
imgVor.dyn (56.7 KB)


Thank you very much Vikram , it is exactly what i need.
What is the package’s name the Pipe Tspline please?

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